All Adjuncts | 16oz

All Adjuncts | 16oz


The people have spoken and we aim to please.

This decadent confection is the first of a three part series and begins with 50 whole Costa Rican coconuts in the mash. Then at the end of the boil we transfer the wort into the fermenter via our hopback that contains 80lbs of sweetened shredded coconut. After fermentation this love affair begins with two types of vanilla; Madagascar & experimental Philadelphia Vanilla and 80lbs of toasted unsweetened coconut. The beer is then finished with a healthy dose of Kopi Luwak coffee and hazelnuts. This will be an extremely limited released as all of the beer is going into a variety of bourbon, rum & cognac barrels for aging, leaving only the finest adjuncts which we packed into these glorious cans.

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