BA Quad Set | 2 x 375mL

BA Quad Set | 2 x 375mL


Quad Set Limited Release: Friday December 21st | 12:00pm | 3 set Max. Our next bottle release is something Abnormal has never done before. Where are our whiskey drinkers at?! We will be releasing these barrel aged cocktail inspired beers in a limited edition set. This style of beer is something you may not be used to, but leave it to us to expand your palette and styles of beer.

We will have a limited quantity available online during this release. We will also be selling an allocated amount at The Cork & Craft starting on Saturday at 3pm when pickups begin. Please note these are extremely limited quantities so get them while you can! This bottle set makes for a perfect holiday gift, cheers!

If you fancy a nice whiskey then these beers are for you. We will be releasing these barrel aged cocktail inspired beers in a limited edition set in special Abnormal packaging. This style of beer is something you may not be used to, but leave it to us to expand your palate and styles of beer. 

BA Quadular Thinking
12.4% ABV
"This Belgian Quad sat in Templeton Rye Whiskey barrels for over a year and what came out was closer to a whiskey bramble than a whiskey barrel-aged beer. So we decided to accent those flavors and add blackberries with some golden raisins to create a beer that really reminds you of the cocktail. Whiskey and dark fruits come through on the nose and finish with rich raisins and a lingering fresh muttled blackberry tone. The booziness is very balanced from the sweetness the added fruit contributes. Perfect for sitting around the fire this holiday season.” 

BA Quad Fashioned
12.4% ABV
"Old Fashioned, no this is Quad Fashioned! This is our 3rd edition of the cocktail series of beers we have toyed around with here at Abnormal Beer Co., and it is meant to emulate one of the most classic libations. The whiskey character that the barrel lent to this Belgian Quad is intense and wonderful so we wanted to play off the fact that the beer drinks like some good sippin’ whiskey. We then let the luscious liquid from the barrels sit on some dried orange slices and Montmorency cherries until we had what we wanted. If you like whiskey like us but don’t want to drink it straight, you will probably order or have ordered an old fashioned. This beer will get you there without any mixing involved. Pop the top, pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy!"

The online sale will be the same process as our previous online bottle releases. So if you are new to our online releases, here are a few helpful bits of 411. Have a kick-ass wifi connection. & please note that even though you have a bottle in your cart, it does NOT guarantee the sale until its complete. We strongly suggest getting familiar with our website platform ahead of time to ease the tension! Please read all instructions before purchasing on the product page. Visit the link to review the purchasing instructions and read to its entirety. Product will say “SOLD OUT” prior to release time but don’t worry, it will go live at 12pm.

An account is not required, but if you would like to create an account to save your information for future purchases you can do so by following this step by step guide:

1.) Go to

2.) Click on "Create Account"

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4.) Click on "Create Account" to finalize your new account.

IMPORTANT PICKUP WINDOW: Bottles can be picked up beginning Saturday December 21st at 3pm and run to 7pm on Sunday January 20th during this time only. No proxies.

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