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About Us

We operate a 10 barrel brew house with 440 barrels of fermentation capacity, all housed inside of our brewery/winery/restaurant facility located in the Rancho Bernardo business park, a small little suburb of north San Diego.

We do all of our production on site, with windows into both the brewery and our expanded tank farm, while housing all of our barrels and kegs in our 10,000 sqft warehouse just up the street. We focus on producing beers that emphasize drinkability, originality and creativity. 



We are located in a business park just off of the 15 freeway, a quick 2 blocks west on Rancho Bernardo Road and Via Tazon. 

Our tasting room is attached to our restaurant, The Cork and Craft. We're open every day except for Monday, including lunch during the work week, and brunch on Sundays. We offer not only our own beers on tap, but many other guest beers from around the world that we share our 40 taps with. We feature flights of our own beers which can be enjoyed in the bar, restaurant or on our heated outdoor patio.

Come in for the beer, stay for the food, and discover your Abnormal side.



T-TH | 11am - 9pm
F | 11am - 10pm
S | 3pm - 10pm
Su | 10am - 9pm


16990 Via Tazon
San Diego | CA 92127


meet the Team

Great beer comes from great people. Get to know the faces behind the beer


head brewer

nyle molina

Nyle is the man behind the beer and the beard up on the brewhouse. He comes to us after a long journey that took him from Funky Buddha and Green Flash to our brewery, along with all of the awesome experience and knowledge of a production brewery, and a passion for crafting fun and awesome brews. His creativity and ability to think outside of the box is the driving force behind taking Abnormal to new levels.


Sales Ambassador

ian erskine

Ian and his luscious locks is the first half of the dynamic sales duo, and has been selling beer all over San Diego for years. He joined the Abnormal team and immediately fit right right in with the rest of the family. His laid back attitude and love for craft beer means you'll be seeing him around at festivals as well as driving around town in an Abnormal van as he's getting our beer out to more and more places. Give him a high five next time you see him!


warehouse manager

jeff milton

Jeff Is the driving force behind our export sales and making sure our beer stays cold at our newly built cold storage facility. He joined the Abnormal crew in 2016 after spending more than 8 years training military personal headed overseas. With the same passion he used to train Americas bravest, he now focuses on sharing our passion for craft beer with the world. He manages the logistics on everything from local bars and restaurants to all of our foreign sales and shipments across the globe. 


Deliveryman / packaging

Scott Bailey

Scott is the newest addition to the Abnormal Team and comes to us from the rad folks over at The Homebrewer. Scott is the awesome man you'll see driving the Abnormal van delivering beer around the county as we continue to increase our distribution around town. When he isn’t home brewing, surfing, snowboarding, biking or cooking for his awesome wife, he’s hanging out with his Abnormal Family at the brewery.



paul ceseña

Paul, also known as Big Sexy and Theé Brewer is the muscle behind Abnormal. He has spent a tremendous amount of time with Whitelabs, learning all sorts of awesome things about fermentation and the science behind the brew. He's a solid guy with some serious brewing skills that round out the brewing team. Give him a high five the next time you see him, if you can reach him.


sales ambassador

Darrin izadi

Darrin is the other half to the dynamic sales duo and happens to be the "brother-in-lager" to Ian, making him family before he even joined the team! He has been in beer sales for quite some time, loving every bit of it. Previously he was with another awesome brewery, BNS Brewing, so he's well established and loved in the San Diego craft beer market. When he's not smiling he's selling beer, except when he's smiling when he's selling beer, otherwise he's always smiling :) We're stoked to have him be part of the family



Shane Bird

Also known as Mr. Overalls, Shane has been an instrumental addition to the Abnormal team. Coming to us from the Awesome AleSmith Brewing Company, he brings a wealth of knowledge that not only helps the brewery out, but his extensive draft tech experience has been a huge help to our restaurant The Cork and Craft as well. He has been the center of many great changes in our operations that elevate everything we do. We're happy to have Shane and his overalls on the team!



elvin lai

Elvin, also known as The Hammer, Mr. Excel, and Spreadsheet Master; is the man that ensures that everyone behaves and doesn't buy gold plated fermenters. He has a long history of managing money as he is the head of his family hotel, The Ocean Park Inn, in Pacific Beach, as well as his hotel software platform HotelBeat. Outside of cracking the proverbial whip, Elvin's favorite thing to do is to crush the dreams of all of the fancy brewery items that we can't afford.


pres | ceo

matt deloach

The man behind the curtain, Matt can be found doing pretty much anything from fixing equipment to putting together investor packets. A graduate from SDSU business school, he also has a long history of various business ventures of everything from finance, software to building material distribution.