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M4 Bottle Release


M4 Release Date: January | 2018

In the fourth installment of our M-series beers we teamed up with Mostra Coffee in San Diego to emulate a café miel. 

Big roasted coffee and sweet honey are complimented with cinnamon to make up this delicious Imperial Stout. The components come out in layers starting with a big nose of fruity honey and a hint of fresh ground coffee, then spicy cinnamon comes to dance around on your tongue with some velvety chocolate notes, and finishes with more honey and smooth creamy sweetness.

This is a full-bodied sweet stout with only a slight bit of alcohol bite that helps cut through the viscous honey. We chose to make this beer for December to celebrate the year that has passed and as a gift to all of our loyal craft beer drinkers. 

Cheers to another great year!     


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